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The Historical Association of Tobyhanna Township meets regularly from April through November, with a presentation on a historical topic featured.

A variety of significant historical, educational and entertaining accounts are being presented to HATT members and guests in 2017. Professional historians and experts will present their areas of specialty that reveal the secrets of local, regional, national and even international histories. The following is HATT’s 2017 Program line-up. These programs are free and open to the public, with the exception of the annual dinner, for which there is a meal charge.

All meetings are held at Clymer Library, 115 Firehouse Road, Pocono Pines, unless otherwise noted.

Thursday, April 13 • 5:30 p.m.
MONTHLY MEETING | Clymer Library, 115 Firehouse Rd., Pocono Pines
“The Story of the Lehigh Navigation” presented by Martha Capwell-Fox

Hear how Josiah White and Erskine Hazard, partners in a wire and nail mill in Philadelphia, acquired the Lehigh River (the only privately-owned river in the country) in 1818, and tamed a wild river into a very successful two-way commercial water route. In the process, they also formed one of the earliest and longest-lived-shareholder corporations in the U.S.

Martha Capwell-Fox is archives and museum coordinator for the National Canal Museum in Easton, Pa.

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Thursday, May 11 • 5:30 p.m.
MONTHLY MEETING | Clymer Library, 115 Firehouse Rd., Pocono Pines
“The Walking Purchase: Penn’s Land Grab,” presented by Frank Salvati

William Penn’s family arranged this “walk” with the chiefs of the Delaware. Its purpose was to establish the boundaries of land purchased by Penn 50 years earlier. The Walking Purchase involving this enormous tract of land also became one of the largest acts of deceit during colonial times.

Frank Salvati is a colonial historian.

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Thursday, June 8 • 5:30 p.m.
MONTHLY MEETING | Clymer Library, 115 Firehouse Rd., Pocono Pines
“Pennsylvania’s Contributions to the Civil War” presented by James Forcella

Consuming tremendous human and material resources over a four-year period, the Civil War relied heavily on Pennsylvania to support the war and preserve the Union. By the time of the Civil War, Pennsylvania was more heavily industrialized than other states, while still being a bread-basket for our young nation. While Pennsylvania supplied the most men second only to New York, our troops contributed the most Medal of Honor awardees, two of whom were from the ranks of the “colored” troops of the day.

Historian James Forcella is a member of the Historical Association of Tobyhanna Township.

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Thursday, July 13 • 5:30 p.m.
MONTHLY MEETING | Clymer Library, 115 Firehouse Rd., Pocono Pines
“The Railroads of Tobyhanna Township” presented by Kim Williams

Many have heard of one railroad that served the Pocono Plateau and Tobyhanna Township, but few know that there were four of importance to the residents and visitors to our community. This presentation is not just about railroad tracks and trains. It is about the people and community who benefited from this major means of transportation.

Historian Kim Williams is a member of the Historical Association of Tobyhanna Township.

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Thursday, August 10 • 11 a.m.
ANNUAL PICNIC MEETING | Austin T. Blakeslee Natural Area
“The Streams of Tobyhanna Township” presented by the Tobyhanna Creek/Tunkhannock Creek Watershed Association

The waterways of Tobyhanna Township flow with both the history and purity of their nourishment, sustaining life in our community as well as downstream for hundreds of miles. This program will reveal recently instituted enlarged watershed programs and the Tobyhanna Creek/Tunkhannock Creek Watershed Association’s evolving role in these programs.

The Annual Picnic for HATT is located at a perfect setting beside Tobyhanna Creek — nature in its most beautiful setting.

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Thursday, September 14 • 5:30 p.m.
MONTHLY MEETING | Clymer Library, 115 Firehouse Rd., Pocono Pines
“Wood Hicks and the Logging Railroad Era of Pennsylvania” presented by Dick Cary

A unique society evolved from the logging railroads of Pennsylvania in the 1800s. Adopting the nickname “wood hicks,” the loggers fed the specialized trains that are unknown today. Images will show the specialized locomotives and trains along with logging camps, loggers and families, cabins and various mills and villages, most of which are extinct today.

Certified forester Dick Cary is a member of the Historical Association of Tobyhanna Township.

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Wednesday, October 11 • 6:30 p.m.
Lake Naomi Club Clubhouse,135 Miller Dr., Pocono Pines
“A History of Severe Storms in the Poconos” presented by Ben Gelber

Ben Gelber, renowned meteorologist from the Poconos and 36-year on-air veteran of NBC4-TV in Columbus, Ohio, returns to the area to share his wisdom with the presentation, “A Pennsylvania Historical and Severe Weather History.” He will describe major weather events and risk factors, based on history, and suggestions of trends and subtle climate changes influences.

An exciting annual dinner with a famous speaker who has authored three books and many articles about Pocono weather.

In addition to Mr. Gelber’s TV responsibilities, he is a contributor to the National Weather Service and teaches at Ohio State University.

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Wednesday, November 9 • 5:30 p.m.
MONTHLY MEETING | Clymer Library, 115 Firehouse Rd., Pocono Pines
““Our Northern Neighbor: 150 Years of Canada” presented by Dr. Brian Alnutt

Canada, our vast neighbor to the north, has a deep and complex cultural heritage as well as a rich history that dates back almost as far as Jamestown, yet few Americans are familiar with that history.

From hardy French voyageurs to Loyalist refugees of the American Revolution; from a surprising native uprising to valiant service in many international conflicts, Canadiens have built a varied and prosperous nation.

This year marks the 150th anniversary of the Canadian Confederation, and Dr. Brian Alnutt will commemorate this occasion with a lively and complete tour of Canada’s history.

Dr. Brian Alnutt is a professor of history at Northampton Community College.

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Saturday, December 9 • 1 p.m.
HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS A Community Musical Celebration
Pocono Lake United Methodist Church, 1180 Route 940, Pocono Lake

This is the seventh year of HATT’s Christmas gift to the community. The audience will be entertained with a variety of musical selections that will please the widest of interests. Soloists, duets, choral and instrumentalists will all perform; and the audience will join in the fun, singing favorite Christmas carols.

Historical accounts of each composer and composition will be featured. The distinguished list of performers from Tobyhanna Township range from those with international stage experience to those who perform in regional venues. Following the concert, refreshments will be served.

The site of this musical celebration is the Pocono Lake United Methodist Church, located at 1188 Route 940 in Pocono Lake. Admission is free but tickets are required. Ticket announcements will be made in the fall.